Anglesey Coastal Path

125 miles of stunning scenic walking

The Anglesey Coastal Path. There are countless places worth visiting along this 125 mile/200km path that encircles Anglesey.

The headland and cliff faces have varying rock types which help to define these areas on Anglesey as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Each rock formation tells a story about Anglesey’s past. We have the oldest fossils in the UK.

The Anglesey Coastal Path falls within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which covers 95% of the coast. It passes through a landscape that includes a mixture of farmland, coastal heath, dunes, salt-marsh, foreshore and cliffs. In addition, you’ll discover a few small pockets of woodland and a National Nature Reserve (NNR) along the way. For some suggested walks these downloadable  coastal path walks are excellent..

The path primarily caters for walkers however cyclists and horse riders can also enjoy certain sections. Beachcomber’s cottage sits directly next to the coastal path. Borthwen Barns and Borthwen Farmhouse are a stone’s throw from the walks too.

anglesey coast

Anglesey Coastal Path

Clicking on the image to the left takes you to a website which has has some great walks along the path.

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Anglesey Wildlife Walks

Anglesey Wildlife Walks is a good source of additional information about local coastal walks on Anglesey. This ismall, locally based business aims to encourage people to discover the astounding landscape beauty and abundance of wildlife found on Anglesey. By offering you the opportunity to take a guided walk, Caroline Bateson’s aim is to provide a unique and authentic experience. She offers guided Wildlife Walks for individuals, groups & families, making wildlife watching easy!

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