On your bike - exploring Anglesey

Exploring Anglesey the Green Way. We can honestly say we had the best day out with Green Lane Bike Tours – a whole day of fresh air and exercise.

A whole day of exercise….we have to admit the idea scared us slightly. Neither of us had been on a bike for quite a few years and we are not ashamed to admit it. Life had got in the way and making excuses had become easier. Dog walking, sailing, hiking – no problem. Cycling, and for a whole day? Our brains went into panic mode….but a good friend had suggested it and it is important to spend time with good friends. They are often just the push you need.

Do you ever wish to slow down and actually take things in? A day of cycling is such a contrast to running to get into your car and zooming from A to B in a perpetual rush. We were amazed at just how wonderful it was. Suddenly, as we pedalled past, we were able to greet people in the most delightful Poppinesque way. Yes, the boneshakers can race along eating up endless miles of tarmac in their lycra or race down mountain routes that, in our opinion, only mountain goats are designed for. We truly do applaud the committed cyclists of this world, we wish we had their stamina and determination…..but for us mere mortals of the world, a search for a matching pair of trainers is ambitious enough. This day out made us feel that we had truly achieved something and opened our eyes – we saw Anglesey in a way we had never seen her before.

Choosing a Green Lane Bike Tour

Our yes to the whole day out became a less guarded yes when the offer of an electric bike was made. Easy to arrange, easy to ride and before you know it 22 miles have been covered and you are still able to stand. As for those hills, what hills? Honestly, it was a joy to spend the day on a bike – lots of lovely stops to learn about the history of the area we were cycling through and to take the inevitable photographs.

Arranging the Green Lane Bike Tour couldn’t have been easier – a quick call to Eli and a date and time were arranged. We left the route up to the professionals, our only wish was that it should be scenic and they needed to remember which side of our half centuries we were in. Green Lane Bike Tours has eaten up quite a few miles exploring Anglesey and her incredible history but the resulting tours are incredible. Cycle from Beaumaris to Penmon, follow your heart to Llandwyn or cycle along quiet country lanes ready to marvel at St Cwyfan’s Church (The Church in the Sea).

For archaeologists and lovers of all things prehistoric a guided tour to Bryn Celli Ddu, one of Anglesey’s most important prehistoric sites, is a must. With a knowledge of ancient history that cannot fail to impress, Eli weaves the stories beautifully with the surroundings. With other tours, to Llannerch-y-Medd and Holy Island’s prehistoric sites on offer, there is every chance that even the most dedicated history buff is going to learn something new. Cycling along stunning routes, taking in the history of the landscape at a leisurely pace makes it all the more enjoyable. Wildlife is in abundance and there really are some incredible views to absorb as you munch through your picnic knowing not one calorie will be wasted. A cake stop was promised at the end of the day – bring it on – guilt-free!

Our Tour - Cwyfan

We started our day at the RSPB Cors Ddyga Nature Reserve, where the Lôn Las Cefni cycle route passes through the reserve. Dennis met us there, instructed us on the art of conquering an electric bike and sent us on our merry way. Our excitement levels were high and it took just a few moments to remember the art of balancing…..the old phrase “it’s like riding a bike” was more than apt and acknowledged gratefully.

The ditches, ponds and lakes that form Cors Ddyga are some of the most important in the UK and host more than 30 scarce wetland plants. Look out for wetland warblers, bitterns, marsh harriers and numerous other wildfowl that live in the reedbeds, not to mention the largest colony of lapwing in Wales. It is no wonder Charles Tunnicliffe loved living in Malltraeth; with access to such an incredible oasis of wildlife, he must have been in heaven. It is well worth visiting Oriel Ynys Môn, an amazing art gallery in Llangefni, to see his work.

A nip along the incredible coastline, passing one of our wonderful properties, Ael-Y-Bryn, as we cycled off through Bodorgan toward our lunch stop overlooking St Cwyfan’s Church. Eli makes a history lesson come alive, full of interesting facts that kept the young ones interested too. Not to mention making us all smile as she revealed a very natty pair of socks!

Our final stop was at Anglesey Alpacas – now that was something we were not expecting to see! Eli said she had a wonderful surprise and right she was. As of that day, Alpaca Walking went on our to-do list. Over 5s are welcome on the walks with an adult to guide the alpacas. Worry not if you have little ones as they have thought of them too – a meet and greet experience can be arranged. Walks start at 11 am and 2 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with Meet and Greet Experiences on Sundays.

We could not believe how quickly the day went – a turn of a wheel and flash of a spoke later, we made our way to the most heavenly Riverside Café. If you haven’t been yet we highly recommend it. For those who despair over finding gluten-free options you will be spoiled for choice. The owners are incredible and ensure all gluten-free food is prepared in a gluten-free environment. Home baking with a huge amount of care and attention, not to mention choice! We wish we could say we couldn’t finish such an enormous slice of cake but we were wonderfully hungry and, after all that exercise and fresh air, a calorie-free offering is not to be sniffed at.

The overall rating for the day – 10/10. Will we be returning to do another tour? Yes, yes and yes.

Green Lane Bike Tours will arrange your bike hire for you via Cycle Wales and even tailor a route that interests your group if you would rather not join one of the pre-arranged tours. It couldn’t be easier or more flexible.

The day we joined Green Lane Bike Tours our bikes were hired from Dennis Fiddler at Buster’s Cycle Hire. Absolutely brilliant bikes and a fantastic drop off and collection service.

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