Wave goodbye to January

Welcome in a brand new month with a few days away.

Not quite sure how, but we are already nearly at the end of January! It's chilly and fresh and we are taking every opportunity to get outside in the winter air. The first snowdrops and catkins have been spotted - always a spirit-lifting sight.

We have a great choice of beautiful holiday cottages and holiday houses available from this Friday, Saturday, Monday and beyond - stay for just two nights, three nights, four nights or extend your time away for a week or more.

To make it easy for you to find your next break with us, shortcuts to availability searches are listed below.

Arriving on Friday 28th January

2 nights - https://bit.ly/3Ky1wVH

3 nights - https://bit.ly/3fUiTSk

4 nights - https://bit.ly/3Asq8ug

7 nights - https://bit.ly/3G0ZoSK

Arriving Saturday 29th January

2 nights - https://bit.ly/3GXgX7J

3 nights - https://bit.ly/3Au2gqb

4 nights - https://bit.ly/3Isp1gM

7 nights - https://bit.ly/3qUhvW1

Arriving Monday 31st January

2 nights - https://bit.ly/35l90ez

3 nights - https://bit.ly/3qYanZ4

4 nights - https://bit.ly/3qY2oeA

7 nights - https://bit.ly/3IwGvZx

Future dates?

If you're looking for holiday dates beyond January, hop onto our homepage and pop them into the search bar. And if you're not sure where you'd like to go, leave the location and town fields blank and we'll show you a range of properties dotted across Anglesey and North Wales.